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parazitii egali din nastere

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Sa auda toata europa si sa faca deferenta. Nu sunt parazitii egali din nastere. Stefan Savu  2 aylar önce Uite-ne în We share a common destiny and we all belong to Ancient Rome's cultural legacy. Romania is a wonderful country with a millennial history and parazitii egali din nastere people is brave and proud.

Bucharest is an Eastern Paris. Rome gave parazitii egali din nastere the name, Trajan gave you Roman blood as your amazing anthem saysnever forget that, you're our Latin brothers in a Slavic region.

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  5. Voyage now fast and for voyage, ombladon feat raku egali din nastere, in high quality pas.

Fiica uitată se întoarce în sfârșit acasă. O îmbrățișare mare fraților noștri români! I was literally defending your ass and you're vaffanculing me? That's unfortunate.

Parazitii - Mesaj pentru Europa

For fuck's sake, do I have to explain myself everytime I make a comment? Those are jokes, mate. Do you know what jokes are? Don't answer that, here's a better question: is your sense of humour as bad as your military during WW2? Jesus on a jetski, you're astonishing!

I ain't gonna say sorry this time 'cause I ain't a guy who needs to learn what you wops call "respect". You, my friend, need to learn to parazitii egali din nastere up on the gesticulations and foods high in carbohydrates, learn to have a sense of humour and when to shut the fuck up.

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Again, I was defending you, which was a mistake. Wanna know something really eyeopening?

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We Romanians deal with stuff quadrillions of times worse on parazitii egali din nastere internet than what you might've had to 'deal with' now, Marcello.

We are called many names and there are a ton of simpletons and ignoramuses who talk shit about us and if you think that my quips are such an i-i-i-insult to your f-f-f-fragile wop ego then I suggest you get a reality check, fratello. Life is harsh, deal with it and stop being such a pizdă. Got it? For the record, his reply was deleted, I'm not saying this out of the blue.

Nenea Tanti  21 gün önce Romanians don't have latin blood, romanians have Dacic blood, Burebista, Decebal and more are our history.

Ombladon Feat. Raku- Egali Din Nastere Lyrics

If you say than are not very much proves than Dacian kingdom exists, you can search the romanian sphinx or the Decebal statue i hope i said correctly sphinx and sorry for my bad english but i want to say my opinion. So this wop comes here and makes a friendly comment without any subliminal taunts and your response is a lecture on our oppression?

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Who do you think he is, the ambassador of Italy? Oh and also, do you think he's gonna do anything relevant with these informations?

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He'll prolly forget all of this in a heartbeat while you just wasted your time lecturing him on the internet by the wayhe's too busy eating spaghetti car-banana and gesticulating like a fucking spastic on the streets, he has other stuff to think about. Okay, making you "not the sharpest tool in the shed" was goofy, I realise that I exaggerated and for that I'm sorry.

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But please understand why I replied to your comment in the first place: you might've not been "not the sharpest tool in the shed" but you've been a dick. Andrei andrei  22 gün önce Veenter wow shit i meat sherlock holmes Stoichita Marius  4 aylar önce Corect.