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The young Princess Marie arrived in Sinaia for the first time in the summer ofaccompanied by her husband, the Crown Prince Ferdinand of Hohenzollernthe future King Ferdinand I of Romania Tenita trei turnuri spent their papilloma virus palato sintomi summer holiday together there, and the old King Carol, who was tenita trei turnuri of Pele[, his dearest foundation, was at pains to provide the heirs to the throne with the best suite in the castle, the main guest suite on the first floor of the south wing.

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These firms included August Bembé from Mainz. The librarian to King Carol I, Swiss Léo Bachelin, who drew up the first monograph of Castle Pele[ inwrites that work on extending the old hunting lodge was being carried out by architects Eisenlohr and Weiglé from Stuttgart at the time of his writing.

tenita trei turnuri

In the years that followed the royal couple were to stay at the Foi[or, but this too was a temporary solution, and tenita trei turnuri soon as financial circumstances allowed, King Carol I ordered tenita trei turnuri new summer residence for the future king and his wife, very near Pele[, on the bank of the Peli[or Stream, which flowed into the Pele[ River, whence the name of the future residence.

An analysis of the documents in the Archive of the Royal Architectural Bureau at Sinaia and of engravings from the period reveals the great similarity between the plans of the first administrative building of the Royal Estate, the House of the Economy or Tenita trei turnuri in the same period as Castle Pele[ by architect Johannes Schulz.

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Although the landscape around the building has changed greatly, between the period when the first Economat was finished and Castle Peli[or was completed the changes were not fundamental, however.