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colorectal cancer gene therapy

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Distribuie pe: DESCRIERE The management of colorectal liver metastases has evolved rapidly over the last decade with the introduction of newer and effective chemotherapies and a redefinition for cure.

These range from the philosophical including the greater awareness of treatment with curative intentthrough the practical more aggressive definition of respectability for cure and the use of more effective chemotherapies for both palliation and as adjuncts to surgeryto the futuristic use of biological strategies including monoclonal antibodies and gene therapies and lastly to the pragmatic but equally important issues of health economics who is going to foot the bill for these increasingly expensive treatment strategies.

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Liver metastases addresses the contemporary multidisciplinary management of liver metastases. Throughout the text, experience from the paradigms of colorectal cancer metastases treatment strategies are used to point to new directions in the management of liver metastases from other cancers.


This book overviews current understanding of the biology of liver metastases, and reviews current methods of detection and diagnosis. Chapters offer objective and systematic reviews of each of the current major treatment modalities: surgical resection; destructive therapies; chemotherapy systemic and regional ; whether there is a role for radiotherapy; biological therapies colorectal cancer gene therapy hormone treatment antibodies and gene therapy ; and lastly the decision-making strategies that must be employed for successful multidisciplinary management.

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Featuring state-of-the-art reviews, key points, treatment algorithms and clear, concise illustrations this book provides the ultimate companion to anyone interested or working in the area of liver disease. This book will appeal to consultant and trainee surgeons in general surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, upper GI surgery, colorectal surgery; consultant and trainee medical and clinical oncologists with an interest in liver tumours; and consultant and trainee radiologists with an interest in liver disease.

Table of contents Colorectal cancer gene therapy of liver metastases.